Saturday, September 29, 2007

Liam is off Paint balling with some friends. Nicola and Abbie have gone to a Ladies Breakfast at Church so have spent the morning in Starbucks preparing for preaching on Sunday. Love iTunes party shuffle. Listened to some great tunes. Particularly loved Daniel Beddingfield - Honest Questions.

Really looking forward to tomorrow. We launch our brand new teaching series - Time2Build. We are studying my favourite leader in the Bible - Nehemiah. Here is this ordinary Guy working a relatively obscure Job as a Butler but he becomes one of the greatest leaders of the Bible. Don't you love God.

There must have been a vast array of priests, high priests, generals etc but he chose a waiter. The difference with Nehemiah was that his heart broke over the same things God's heart broke over. Once his heart was in the right place anything was possible through a partnership with God.

Nehemiah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem accomplished the impossible the rebuilding of a city in a matter of weeks. What can you accomplish with God on your side. Impossible is nothing.


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