Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Difficult days

I have not posted much over the last week or so. There seems to be so much going on. Some great things and some not so great. The variety of stuff that you seem to have to get your mind around as a local church pastor is literally mind blowing. It seems to go from the sublime to the ridiculous and all the time your actions are on view to be scrutinised by so many people.

High on the agenda is preparing for our planning application for our new building which has slipped a week as we try to finalise our traffic policy and liaise with the council transport department to ensure they are comfortable with what we are doing.

One of our major difficulties is that we do not have ample parking on site for our church members. We have however secured the use of a college car park which is about a 5 minute walk away. It continually amazes me that some (only a few) people will not walk 5 minutes. They insist on parking their car on residential streets restricting traffic flow. Even if we had the room it would not be good use of finance to develop a huge car park that only really gets used to its capacity on one day a week when there is ample spaces a few minutes walk away.

My frustration is that these few people jeopardise relations with our near neighbours and make our planning application more difficult.

We are in the business of building Jesus kingdom. He was prepared to walk to a cross for us surely we are prepared once a week to walk 5 minutes for His cause. A little inconvenience for us once a week surely is no price to pay.

If you are reading this from MKCC please just park across the road.


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