Saturday, September 08, 2007

Sports Saturday

Got home quite late last night. Spent a great night with our Youth Team at a friends house. We had a great food and great fun even though they are completely mad. It was good to hang out with them they are doing a great job with our young people.

Although Nicola believes that they have captured Lenny the mascot of the Children's Ministry. She keeps on getting ransom notes demanding chocolate be left in various places. She has even received a photo with Lenny being held by a gorilla. Things are getting tense!

Today some of our leadership team are meeting for brunch at or Senior Pastors place. After that its wall to wall sport.

10 am - Cricket - England V India
12 noon - Golf - The Walker Cup
1 pm - Motor sport - Qualifying for Italian Grand Prix
3 pm - Football - Scotland v Lithuania
5 pm - Football - England v Israel
5 pm - Rugby World Cup - England v USA

The remote control will be hot. And its church tomorrow.

Life is good apart from the whereabouts of Lenny.


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