Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Extraordinary Love

Reading Peppermint-filled Pinatasby Eric Bryant I was challenged yet again. He quotes Matthew 18 v 15-17 in relation to how we as followers of Jesus should treat other Jesus followers who had messed things up or had offended us.

Jesus was quite specific about what we should do even laying out a procedure to adopt. Now me being the personality type I am this makes me really comfortable. Jesus spells out exactly what I should do in this circumstance. Don't you hate it when he is vague or seems to say very little about a what you should do in a certain situation.

We need to go and see the other person in person, face to face, and talk it through. If no joy we need to get a person whom both people would respect and go and talk it through. Still no joy then its time to take it too the church. Even then Jesus tells us that some people will not listen. Then its time for drastic action. We are to treat them the way we would treat "pagans and tax collectors."

On first look and probably the way that I have heard it taught in Church is that we have given this person 3 chances and if they still wont learn we need to stop having anything to do with them. They have had there chance and that's it.

Reading Eric's book yesterday it dawned on me, probably everyone else in the world was already there, how did Jesus want to treat "Pagans and Tax Collectors" people who were "sinners"?

Well Jesus gave us the ultimate example his time and energy went into loving them without condition. Basically he is saying do your best to work things out but if that fails revert to serving and loving them passionately.

This love thing is challenging.


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