Thursday, August 30, 2007

What its all about

Had a great time on Sunday. Carrying on our series Indescribable. Our subject The God Who Leaves you Speechless. It was on my favourite subject - Grace. I had a ball. Even though I had been a Christian for years I feel like I only came alive to God's amazing grace a few years ago. There is now nothing I enjoy more than introducing people to God's grace our helping Christians discover a God that they never knew existed.

To see people emerge from a life of condemnation and guilt into a new relationship where they have discovered the true character of God is just the best feeling ever. As I said on Sunday there are two reactions to God's incredible grace.

1. People just get offended by it. It's not fair. Why should someone who has worked 1 hour get the same as someone who has grafted for 12. (Matthew 20) Its not fair.

2. You can be absolutely captured by the heart of a gracious God. Realising that there is nothing God loves more than showing mercy and that God dispenses gifts not wages.

The high was that 5 people started a journey with God for the first time and were captured by His grace. Many more people who already knew Jesus started to see a side to His character that somehow they had forgotten or never really discovered.

That's what its all about.


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