Sunday, August 19, 2007

Describing God using Dog Food

I am sure this has been done many times before but Steve one of our teaching pastors at MKCC used a very gross illustrating to introduce us to our brand new series - indescribable.

He started by opening a can of dog food and proceeded to eat it. It had most of the audience screaming and feeling quite sick. He then got someone out of the congregation to join him in eating from the tin. Unbeknown to the congregation inside the can was actually chopped up mars bar - chocolate.

Somehow he tied it into "taste and see that the Lord is good." Certainly a different way to introduce a teaching series which is looking at the doctrine of God.

The main points were.

1. God knows all about your situation - God is omniscient.
2. God is with you in every situation - God is omnipresent.
3. God has the answer to your situation.- God is omnipotent.

Apart from Steve's teaching the highlight for me was the song - Indescribable - by Chris Tomlin.


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