Thursday, August 09, 2007

Carly Fiorina

Some thoughts from the Willow Creek Leadership Summit session with Carly Fiorina ex CEO of Hewlet Packard.

• Don’t blame others for you not developing as a leader.
• I was not a gifted child but my parents were a gift to me.
• What you are is gods gift to you what you make of yourself is your gift to God
• Learn about the things that interest you.
• In logic taught me the power of asking the right question.
• Asking the right question forces people to learn.
• I must do what I am passionate about.
• Nothing worthwhile happens with a person working alone.
• Celebrate victories as a team.
• Many fears are stupid but they are real. Once you overcome them you are no longer afraid of them.
• Look past the fears and prejudice and reach for common ground. The problem we are trying to solve is common ground.
• Don’t letter other people smaller ideas and prejudices of me define me.
• Give people a vision that’s more compelling than what they are afraid of.
• Couple a vision with the hard reality of what it’s going to take. You can’t fake people out.
• Leadership is about seeing and unlocking potential in others.
• Every time a person took a chance on me it motivated me.
• There is an opportunity to learn from everyone and everything.
• You don’t learn inside your comfort zone.
• Passion can blind as well as motivate.
• At its core leadership is about character.


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