Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Arrived in Chicago after a long day travelling. 8 hours to Cincinnati then another shot flight into O’Hare International Airport. One of the benefits of this 2-legged journey was the quick transition through US immigration. Having travelled into Cincinnati on Delta the vast majority of the passengers were Americans so the line of visitors was really short so it only took 10 minutes or so to get through.

As usual my passport was investigated. Even I almost don’t recognise myself from my near 10 year old photo! My photo taken and my fingerprints entered into the computer system. My visa waver form inspected and I was good to go. I entered the land of the free once again. Only temporarily of course.

One day my photo, fingerprints and passport will be inspected when I want access to a greater place the real home of the free. Only to find that my way will barred because of mistakes I have made. At the last moment Jesus will show up with my ultimate visa waver ticket. Thank you Jesus.


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