Friday, August 03, 2007

Home alone

Nicola leaves for 2 weeks today. She is off to Activate Children's Camp. The first week we have around 50 kids from MKCC with her and she is staying on to do ministry for some other groups the following week.

She is taking a great team of volunteers with her. They are all giving up a week or two of their holidays to ensure the children from MKCC and other churches have a great time and find out more about Jesus. Our offices have been a hive of activity all week. From powerpoints and DVDs to decorating a surf board the work involved is incredible. I pray it will be a life changing experience for many of the children who attend.

Abbie and Liam join the rest of the children tomorrow as they travel by bus to Sussex. They have gone for many years and love the experience with Abbie now 15 joining as a junior leader.

So I was going to have 2 weeks by myself at home. I was not really up for that so I have the consolation prize of heading off to Chicago for the Willow Creek Leadership Summit. Hard life!

Here is a photo to remind me of them for the next couple of weeks.


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