Friday, August 24, 2007

30 Days to live are currently in the middle of a series called 30 Days to live. It is a very powerful message.

This last week they showed a video of Larry Damerval. Here is what Bobby says about it on his blog.

"Larry was diagnosed with ALS in 2005. He went from a very normal and healthy life, to being essentially a quadriplegic today without the ability to take care of himself. He is not currently expected to have much more time here on Earth.

I just had the team put this video segment on YouTube. I wanted you and others to have an opportunity to watch this brief, but powerful message about what he values at this point in his life."

Please watch the video below. It truly rocked my world and share it with your friends.


Anonymous said...

Larry is one of my dear friends. He is very close to the end, and probably won't be here through the weekend. So sad for those of us who know and love him, but he will be free of the body that has held him prisoner, and he will be with his Lord. Please lift Larry and his family up in your prayers. If you have a testimony about how your life has been touched by his story, please send it to me. It may help his family/children see something good in all of this difficulty. b_harper@yahoo. com (without the space)

God Bless

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