Friday, May 02, 2008

That was the week that was

This week has gone by in a flash.

  • Ultimate Events has dominated. Just over a week away and ticket sales and last minute decisions have crowded the week. In the first 4 days we have sold over 1000 tickets and it looks like we could break the 10,000 barrier.
  • This means we need to invest a little extra in logistics. Some more toilets. (and some people think its glamorous organising a large event).
  • Wishing that people would not leave it so late to buy their tickets when what you want to do is improve the production to make their day better but you don't know if you have the budget.
  • Trying to decide if we should another 40 sq mtr video screen to the arena but it will cost around £5k. But hey if you want to sponsor it let me know!
  • Then its back to more basics. How many: tables, chairs, AAA passes, bottles of water the list goes on.
  • So many of the great people from MKCC are volunteering their time to make the Ultimate Event happen. They are serving the 1000's of young people who will attend with no reward apart from the knowledge that some young person may start a journey with Jesus. They are great!
  • Planning some thing for our Influence series. Some great songs, videos, preaching to help us understand the monumental fact that we are not here to be part of a secret society. Part of the Enid Blyton Secret Seven meeting in a shed in the back garden w are here to be a shining light in a dark world. Make sure you get to church on Sunday and bring your friends.


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