Friday, May 16, 2008

Small World

If you have visited this site recently I am sure you will be filly aware that last Saturday our annual event the Ultimate Event took place. (View Flickr slideshow here) The main reason we do this is not just to give a bunch of Christians a good day out but to introduce people to Jesus. So many people come to the event who are on the fringes of church or have not been before.

thebandwithnoname did a great job MC'ing the event and also presenting Jesus to the crowd. Its always brilliant to see so many people responding but here at Ultimate we don't always hear much more. Everybody joins their group and heads home celebrating.

I popped round to my in laws last night and they had a phone call from an old friend back home. Although not a church attender himself his son had gone with a group to the Ultimate Event at Alton Towers and had come back in his words - "Converted". He called my in laws to find out if they knew anything about the event!

God is good and the world is small.


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