Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Late Edition

Its been a long day but now chillin out at home.

  • Just watched Bear Grylls: Born Survivor with Liam. That guy is mental.
  • Great day at church.
  • Biggest crowd since Easter.
  • We baptised 7 people today
  • The band rocked. New PA for the first time great improvement sure it will be even better once we get it fine tuned.
  • They played "Go tell it on the mountain" by Lee McDerment. Its brilliant. If you don't have the album Matchlight in the Dark. Download it here.
  • Mark did a great job talking about Influencing our city.
  • We are called to be salt and light. Watch this video by Tim Keller talking about the difference between them.

  • Had an email from a youth leader this week who took a minibus of 16 kids to the Ultimate Event last week. On the way there 4 were Christians on the way back 16 were following Jesus. It makes it all worth while.
  • Roll on Thursday. France, beach, sun and maybe a bottle of plonk or two.
  • A little jealous that Mark & Ian are on there way to Saddleback this week for a Leaders Gathering but hey my holiday comes first. (only just)


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