Monday, May 19, 2008

Gratitude - John Phillips

Leaving home to go to Bible College at the age of 19 seemed exciting but looking back I really think I wasted much of my time there. You have the chance to study solidly for a couple of years with little distractions or worries but not the maturity to grasp it.

One thing that stands out to me during that time was my introduction to Pastor John Phillips. I can still seem myself dragging myself to yet another lecture. I really was not in the mood for it. Even questioning what I was doing there at college. Sometimes I felt that this God relationship I had fallen into was turning into nothing more than a set of text books. Here I was going for yet another "ology" - Theology, the doctrine of God. Some guy was going to reduce God to a few pages of notes.

That morning I found out that Theology was a thing of beauty. The lecturer that morning was Pastor John Philips. From the moment he prayed to introduce his lecture I was caught hook line and sinker. Rather than reducing God to a few lines of text that I could regurgitate for some exam he exploded my mind with a God who was so vast yet intimate, so powerful yet gentle, so holy yet loving.

That one lecture changed my whole view of Christian doctrine and started a love affair with it that has never stopped.

I found out that Pastor Phillips lead New Life Church in Lincoln with Pastor John Shelbourne and Worship Leaders Chris Bowater. Only 45 minutes drive from Mattersey Hall. For the next 2 year New Life became my home of choice each Sunday.

Pastor Phillips introduced me to the incredible doctrine of the kingdom. He dispelled by unhappiness with the dispensational doctrine of defeat and introduced me to the Kingdom of God here on earth His glorious church.

Pastor Phillips never really knew me personally but I am glad I knew him and I still get his Cassette tapes out to listen to from time to time and chuckle at the way he says: Sciptures.

Pastor Phillips has been retired for some years I last saw him a couple of years ago in Nottingham when I attended his wife's funeral - which was an honour for me to do.

Thank you Pastor Phillips


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