Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Only Ultimate

Next to no posts this week. Sorry to the few of you who stop by on a semi regular basis to read my inane meanderings. But the Ultimate Event takes place this weekend and some things have just got to wait.

If you do not know already it is an event we have run from our local church for the past 14 years at Alton Towers Theme Park. Attendees enjoy a day out on the crazy rides then and evening of some great music buy great Christian artists. Its going to be a great day and numbers are only going to be eclipsed by a sell out year in 2004 of 12,000. 2008 will be our second biggest year so far with around 9000 in attendance.

Young people are coming from all over the country. Pray with me that many young people will start a journey with Jesus this weekend at the event.


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