Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gratitude and prayer

My Dad called me yesterday to tell me that an old friend of mine from back home fell off a roof at work and is seriously ill in hospital. Please pray for Teddy.

Teddy was a great influence in my life many years ago. He was an elder in a local church and he did lots to encourage the young people and me. Back then there was as there often was a bit of a power struggle in church. The radicals v the traditionalists. We being young people were continually trying to rock the boat. We hated the old way of doing church and wanted it different. With lack of wisdom we didn't always do it the right way and ended up becoming more obsessed with change then Jesus.

Teddy was always our friend in the establishment. He stood for what we stood for but certainly in front of me always spoke well of the people who didn't quite see it the same way. He had time for you. His house was always open and more often than not had a crowd of young people hanging out debating something spiritual. Teddy certainly helped my journey with Jesus.

Unfortunately after I left for college some things went off that I really do not know much about. What I do know is that Teddy stopped going to church and because I now live so far away and do not spend much time back up in Scotland I have only seen him once in many years.

I suppose my dad knew he meant allot to me so that why he called. I am thankful for his influence in my life and am sad that his journey with Jesus hit some rocks. I pray for him today that Jesus will be with him in hospital, touch his body and remind Teddy how much he loves him.


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