Saturday, April 30, 2011

Never hang up on God

One of the most common questions I have heard asked by Christians who are joining MKCC is "Do you have a prayer meeting?"

If everyone who asked this question attended our prayer meeting (Yes we do actually have one) then it would be the most popular gathering we have. Actually it is far from that.

Nothing wrong with a prayer meeting. The church coming together to pray is a good thing. But our desire as church leaders is to help, equip, train & inspire people to make prayer a vital core of their whole lives. In and through everything.

I loved this video by John Piper on the subject:


Lynette said...

Yes Billy, a good message, that is what the Bible says, pray without ceasing.
Pray for one another. With prayer and petition make your requests known to God.

However, there is power in corporate prayer as well as praying with prayer partners for issues. Trouble with some sermons is, it focusses on one area, and if we all thought praying continually ourselves was enough, we would grow weak or not bother praying or lose the need to pray with others. We easily become weak and discouraged going it alone so to speak, and need one another to build one another up. So we must not compromise or opt out of praying together on a regular basis, because its the easy thing to do. Many people find it hard to pray, but praying should be encouraged. 'Where two or three are gathered, there I am in their midst...'
So we need to build up the body of Christ to include praying together as well as in everything we do. We need to be stretched out of our comfort zones! Saying 'I'm not a prayer' and not bothering to attend prayer meetings, to my mind is not helpful or good enough'.
Praise God for answers to our prayers! He is faithful! That should encourage us to pray together even more!

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