Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Definition of a great church leader

I started reading a new book yesterday. Leaders Who Last by Dave Kraft. I knew after reading the first page that it was going to be a great but very challenging read. Dave gives his definition of a great Christian leader:

"A Christian leader is a humble, God-dependent, team-playing servant of God who is called by God to shepherd, develop, equip, and empower a specific group of believers to accomplish an agenda-upon vision from God."

In a day and an age where there are 1000's of books written on leadership and sometimes being a church leaders has been complicated beyond reason this brought back the simplicity for me.

After reading this description of a great Godly leader that will last, I put down my book, bowed my head and sent a silent prayer of thanks to God that he had in his infinite wisdom allowed me to serve a leader in Mark Sherratt that this definition describes exactly.


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