Friday, April 29, 2011

72 Two by Two

Throughout Jesus ministry there were often times he wanted to be alone. But his isolation was purposely imposed so he could fully be with His heavenly Father. Isolation was not a way of life for Jesus. Often crowds numbering in thousands listened to his teaching. Sometimes hundreds would walk along the road with him. He clearly had 12 guys who traveled almost non stop with him. An inner circle of 3 that were closer still and one that was the closest of all.

When he sent his 72 missionaries out he sent them in pairs. (Luke 10 v 1) Jesus knew that we were shaped for relationship. Yes introverts like me need to withdraw from time to time to recharge because being with people non stop can be exhausting for crazy people like me.

But continued isolation is critically damaging for everyone even when you are on a mission from God. Going 2 by 2 gave them support, encouragement, advice, a sounding board, accountability, and friendship.

From the earliest point Jesus introduced team to ministry and mission. Thankfully many churches are now lead by teams. But even within that I sometimes see Senior Pastors and Senior Leaders that can lead like they are not part of the team. They can direct and dictate to the team but in reality they are not in the team.

To get round this often they set up boards and accountability relationships with people that are not in their local team but live in another city or sometimes even another country. Time and time again I see that this does not work. The best people to support, encourage and provide accountability is the team you lead and are part of.

If you are a leader be part of your team and let them speak into your life as well as you speaking into theirs.

72 part 1


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