Wednesday, April 27, 2011


As Jesus arrives at a turning point in his ministry and starts a journey towards Jerusalem and his appointment with death, he starts to send some of his followers out on mission.

This message was too important to be kept in a small circle of followers it had to get out. On his journeys he had continually challenged people about their commitment to following him. (Luke 9 v 57 -62). Now the game plan was changing He was going to challenge further these followers in ways they never imagined.

The challenge of following became the challenge of being sent out. He not only called people to be followers but messengers. We read in Luke 10 v 1 that Jesus anointed 72 people and sent them out with His message.

When I read these specific instructions that Jesus gave to some of the earliest missionary's I find myself tensing up because they actually go against the grain of much of the way we do church today.

Over the next few days I want to post about these instructions and ask what they mean to us today.


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