Tuesday, November 30, 2010

St Andrews Day

So it seems everyone is starting to get on board and recognise that today is St Andrews day in Scotland.

For the first time the USA officially recognised the day when Hilary Clinton sent a telegram:

'I wish the people of Scotland a joyous St Andrew's Day celebration and a successful year ahead."

And also honoured Davy Crockett and Neil Armstrong as trail blazing Scots!

Even Google celebrated with a doodle!

So a inquisitive fisherman from a tiny down at heal village in the middle east has come to represent my nation. Strange!

But then again he became the first person willing to give up everything and set out to follow a man who said he was God. His name means brave and maybe we should add impetuous because of his actions.

Born around 5 AD, crucified on a diagonal cross and celebrated 2000 years later in a country he never visited.

But the most important thing he did from the moment he met Jesus was to bring people to His saviour. Starting with his brother and ending in Greece with his martyrdom.

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Anonymous said...

Some Scots don't celebrate this, I am told. I've been told, "we've become a timid nation." It's so darn cold for them. And religion seems such a bother over there. I guess everywhere, for always ??? Don't get it.

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