Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Friday night thoughts of Tony Morgan

Friday night Tony Morgan spent some time with our staff and volunteer leaders at MKCC. Here are some of the highlights.

  • Think volunteers before staff.
  • We need to identify leaders in the church not just doers.
  • In church we need to get away from the mindset that says that we can only give leadership roles to paid staff.
  • When you are trying to raise up leaders in your church you can not just fill roles.
  • Are we helping people serve in the area they are gifted to serve.
  • Practice shoulder tapping
  • What would happen if each of us would invite one friend to come serve with us.
  • Make the ask personal.
  • Leaders will not respond to a platform announcement.
  • Do on the job training leaders are busy people respect their time.
  • Ensure you balance getting the tasks done and caring for the people in ministry.
  • Stay focused as a church – don’t just add more ministries.
  • You need to continue to share stories.
  • Never do ministry alone.
Listen and watch this and more of Tony's talks here.


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