Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Crazy People

The Apostle Paul called the Christians in Galatia - Crazy. In fact he does so more than once.

Crazy because the a crucified saviour was not central to their lives. v1
Crazy to think this new life had anything to do with them. v2
Crazy to think their religious acts were needed to complete their salvation. v3
Crazy to think that they could keep up this Christian life by their own efforts. v3
Crazy to think that behaving in a certain way rather than believing, was the way to see miracles. v5
Crazy to think that God blesses us in direct proportion to our good works. v5
Crazy not to realise a life lived by their own effort was doomed. v10
Crazy to think they could sustain a relationship with God by following rules. v11

Its crazy to me that so many of still want to rely on our own efforts rather than His grace.

It is even crazier that we recipients of God's free grace continue to enforce conditions, man made rules and customs and the latest religious fad on our fellow believers or even worse people who don't know Jesus.

Seems like we are still crazy after all these years.

When will we learn?


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