Wednesday, November 17, 2010

God works even in our failures

How do I say this. Everything seemed to go wrong at our services at MKCC this past weekend. None of this is a critisism of all the great people that pour so much in to make our services happen. But we had a bit of a "mare".

Technology bit us on the bum. Videos went wrong, computers started doing strange things, we got some programming wrong. The list goes on. But in what I would have classed as one of our worst services in a long time at least two great things happened.

Firstly we wiped angel tree out of gift tags and gave cash on top so 68 children of inmates of Milton Keynes Prison will recieve a gift and a book this Christmas thanks to MKCC.

A man started a relationship with Jesus for the first time.

So this goes to prove two things. The people at MKCC are amazingly generous and God is still at work even though we get things wrong and the technology fails!


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