Thursday, September 30, 2010

YouVersion Revolution

I've been using YouVersion since it made its debut on the web. It simply revolutionised my Bible reading so I love telling others about it. Over the last few years it has gone from strength to strength helping people around the world connect with the Word of God.

I got this e mail from the YouVersion team yesterday.

It’s official. You’re part of a revolution. Millions of people (9.1 million to be exact) are discovering that the Bible can and should be a part of their everyday life. It’s no small thing that people today can have free, simple, whenever-wherever access to God’s Word using an app for their mobile device. It’s taken centuries of sacrificial translation efforts, immeasurable investments from Bible Societies and publishers, and, more recently, leaps in technology and innovation to make it possible. And YOU are also a huge reason that so many have the Bible App in their hands today. Tens of thousands of you are sharing verses on Twitter and Facebook, telling your friends and co-workers, inviting the person sitting next to you at church to download it, posting it on your blogs, and doing so many other creative things to help more people experience what you already know - it works, it’s awesome, and it really is free. Thank you for making all of this possible!

The YouVersion team is expanding rapidly, and hundreds of volunteers are stepping up to help make it even easier for you to engage with and share the Bible with millions of others. Many new features and tools are coming soon, but we wanted to briefly celebrate and highlight a few things that can help you and others:

:: Record Growth in August ::
In just one month, almost 900,000 new mobile users downloaded a YouVersion Bible app and engaged with Scripture. And September is shaping up to be even bigger!

:: Create Your Own "Free Bible" Page ::
We launched a new tool that makes it simple for anyone to give away “free Bibles” just by sharing a link. We’ve seen great adoption of this tool by churches, bloggers, and other ministry organizations over the past several weeks. To create your own page, just visit

:: A New App for Android Phones ::
The YouVersion Android app got a face-lift, some new paint, and a lot of new wiring recently. Some of the biggest upgrades were a new dashboard that makes it easy to reach different areas of the app quickly, a sleek redesign of the Bible reader, new reading plan features including a calendar view, and the ability to sync your bookmarks with your account. Download the new Android app now by visiting from your Android phone.

Some of you non-Android phone users may be asking, “What about me? When can I have some of those new features on my phone?” The answer: very soon! New upgrades are coming to all of our mobile phone apps in the next couple of months.

:: Still Time to Start & Finish a Reading Plan in 2010 ::
Finally, we want to strongly encourage you to stay connected to God’s Word. Many of you have subscribed to a reading plan and are consistently reading The Bible. Others of you may have started, but got behind or distracted with the busyness of life. It’s never too late to start or re-engage. In fact, you still have time to read part or all of The Bible before the end of 2010. You can sign up for the Bible in 90 Days, New Thru 30, or The Gospels from the Bible App or at What a great way to finish this year!

The next few months hold unlimited potential and we can’t wait to see how God works through you and YouVersion to help millions more engage with Scripture!

It feels good to be part of a revolution!


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