Thursday, September 23, 2010

Experience rich but relationally poor

I read a great post by Pete Wilson about over ambitious parenting. Good read here. But he said one phrase that sent me off on a rabbit trail.

We could be raising a generation of kids that are "experience rich but relationally poor".
This phrase found a place within my heart and has made me quite restless. I worry that we the church is on a path that could be leading to raising a generation of Christians who are
experience rich but relationally poor.

Now I know that we have a habit in church life to be a bit reactionary and tend to swing the pendulum from one extreme to another. So let me say straight away that when Jesus followers get together our gatherings should never be boring and dull. They should be electric with the presence of God and the common fellowship of fellow followers. Sunday like it or not is a focus of church services on Sunday so they should be experience rich.
I love great music, God inspired songs both new and old, God has touched my heart through videos creatively produced.
But our aim is not first and foremost to produce experiences it is to make disciples of Jesus. A great experience in a worship service alone will never make a disciple, a relationship with Jesus will mean in His words we will "never thirst again".

Do I put too much effort into producing experiences and not enough helping people connect to God relationally?


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