Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tenants or Owners

In Luke 20 a story is recorded where Jesus talked about tenants. His immediate aim was to talk to the Pharisees about how they had lost sight of the fact that they were only serving the owner.

It got me thinking that in the world we will never be anything but tenants. Temporary occupiers passing through from which we take nothing with us. That's nothing. We may behave like we are owners, pretend that we are owners but we don't own a thing. All we have is on loan.

However we can be owners. We can be owners of God's Kingdom if we will only choose to put our efforts into building it. We have a 1000 choices every day as to what we will build. We can choose to invest our precious lives is a corruptible stock of we can invest in the incorruptible stock of God's kingdom.

In one we work hard to create an illusion of ownership but we can be evicted with nothing at a moments notice.

His Kingdom will know no end. Simple choice? Why sometimes do we find it so hard to make the right one?


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