Thursday, September 30, 2010

Or God

The perfect church service would be one we were almost unaware of; our attention would have been on God. But every novelty prevents this. It fixes our attention on the service itself; and thinking about worship is a different thing from worshipping. - C S Lewis

I wish we wouldn't sing so many new songs. Or God
The music is too loud. Or God
The music is too soft. Or God
I can't believe the worship leader has a tattoo. Or God
The worship leader is hot. Or God
These songs have not got much depth to them. Or God
I've been standing for 30 minutes now when can I sit down. Or God
The worship leader has the voice of an angel. Or God.
Why are they letting this numpty lead worship. Or God
That's a cool background they are using on the screens. Or God
Where is "Whoa Oh" in the Bible. Or God
Don't tell me to lift my hands how I worship is my business. Or God
Don't these guys know any new songs. We have done this one to death. Or God
The lady next to me should go sing on X factor and give us a laugh. Or God
Is there something in the Bible that says we should sing songs through 3 times. Or God

It may be hard sometimes but we are worshipers not critics.

Why would we bother with all this other stuff when we get God.


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