Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Youversion App started as an online Bible with multiple contributions from its users to assist with ongoing study.

Its development into a downloadable app for almost any internet enabled mobile device has been truly amazing.

Here is an excerpt from their blog:

"TWO BILLION - That’s how many minutes you and millions of others in the YouVersion community have spent engaging the Bible on mobile devices! Two BILLION minutes!

Two billion minutes reading the Bible is a huge milestone for the YouVersion community. Since it’s tough to visualize such a huge number, let’s break it down. Two billion minutes equals:

  • 3,800 years (Abraham was alive 3,800 years ago.)

  • 1,388,889 days (You could fly around the world 785,714 times.)

  • 33,000,000 hours (You could fly to the moon 458,333 times.)
While 2 billion minutes is a huge milestone by itself, an even more amazing feat is that you reached 2 billion minutes in a fraction of the time it took you to reach 1 billion minutes. That means Scripture engagement on mobile devices is taking off like a rocket!

More time engaging the Bible— it’s why YouVersion exists."

Currently a copy of the app is being downloaded every 4 seconds.

If you have not already downloaded the Bible App go here.

Once you have installed the app on your mobile device go to Youversion Live on any Sunday you visit MKCC for a sermon outline and notes.

It also has great reading plans here.


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