Tuesday, July 06, 2010

I shout for help, God, and get nothing, no answer!

Honestly, I have never come even close to touching the heartache and pain that this guy Job, written about in the Bible, faced. But some of the things he says resonate so much with our thought process, doubts and questions about God.

In v 20 of Chapter 30 he says:

“I shout for help, God, and get nothing, no answer!
I stand to face you in protest, and you give me a blank stare!

Not getting what we want tends to rattle our Faith.

In Chapter 29 Job takes us back to his life before all this started. A life guided by God, being respected by others, of honesty, of kindness and generosity to people. The list goes on. The picture of a life I only wish I come close to living.

So in our mind and Job's God HAD to turn up. He HAD to step in. Job had done his part by living an exemplary life so now God was obligated.

Pete Wilson says in his book Plan B:

"We are looking for a quick spiritual transaction that doesn't lead to a deeper level of intimacy but gives us what we want."

The story of Job leaves me with more questions than answers and I don't understand why God sometimes does not act.

What I am coming to realise more and more is that God is calling us, through anything and everything, the good and the bad, something that actually scares us more than anything that life could throw at us. That is a journey of intimacy with Him and trusting in the silence is a vital part of that journey.


Anonymous said...

If we truely believed that the flesh profits nothing there would be no problem

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