Monday, July 12, 2010

A Fathers example

I've just started reading John G. Paton (an Autobiography) (Wiki Entry) who was a missionary to the New Hebrides back in the mid 1800's. Born an brought up in a small village in Scotland he recounts his early childhood and in particular the example of his dad in prayer and leading family devotions. He says:

"No hurry for market, no rush to business, no arrival of friends or guests, no trouble or sorrow, no joy or excitement, ever prevented at least our kneeling around the family altar."

John also tells a story about an "immoral" woman in the village whose life had been "changed by the grace of God" through the prayers and example of his dad.

"The only thing that kept her from despair and from hell of suicide, was when in the dark winter nights she crept close up underneath my fathers window, and heard him pleading in family worship that God would convert "the sinner from the error of wicked ways and polish them as a jewel for the Redeemers crown." "I felt" she said "that I was a burden on that good man's heart and I knew that God would not disappoint him, that thought kept me out of hell, and at last lead me to the only saviour.""


Anonymous said...

Hi Billy, came across your blog quite by accident a few months ago and its been a real challenge for myself and a source of materials to use with the girls.... I'm enjoying reading Mark Batterson, just finished 'the wild goose chase' - and was really challenged with the Every life tells a story video a few weeks ago. So just to encourage you to keep up the good work, if you and Nicola are up in the Broch, u'll have to come up and visit us at Teen Challenge Benaiah. We are a small centre but it would be great to have you up to encourage the girls. Praying Gods blessing on you, your family and the work of MKCC.
Grace Donn

Billy Ritchie said...

Thanks Grace always great to get some encouragement. Never too much of that going around. Great book Wild Goose Chase. Mark has written some very challenging books. Not sure when we will be up again it may be New Year. Drop me a line with your e mail: billy at and I will let you know. It would be a honour to visit the centre and see the great work you guys are doing. Thanks. Billy

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