Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Story of a Chair

About 3 weeks ago we launched a Chair Fund at MKCC. The aim to buy 700 chairs for our new auditorium which is due for completion early September. (Builder permitting)

Trying to ensure we got the best deal possible we shopped around and found that we could import the chair we wanted direct for £26 each.

So we needed 700 chairs at £26 each. A total sum of £18,200.

So far the great people of MKCC have given £1 million towards the building project and are in the process of fulfilling their pledges over the next 3 years to give another £300,000. All this means that the building its self is fully funded but we still needed to equip the building. So the first step is the chairs.

Today we have pledges for 694 chairs. People have given from MKCC as well as Albania, Spain, Scotland and the USA.

God has helped us shop around and we have been able to get all 700 chairs plus furniture for our cafe. This includes 55 tables, 16 chairs, 8 high stools. All this for approximately £14,500.

That means that with the Gift Aid we are able to collect on the gifts, we have raised approximately £24,500. Meaning we have £10,000 to go towards our other equipment requirements like PA, AV, Lights etc.

Thank you to everyone. Another step along the journey of faith. Another alter of thanksgiving.

Now we pray that everyone of these chairs will be filled with people who need to know Jesus.


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