Saturday, August 01, 2015

Golden Anniversary

This weekend is the 50th Anniversary of Nicola's mum and dad. So all the extended family are heading down from Mansfield to be joined by all the local friends for a shindig.

I've known them since I arrived in Milton Keynes in September 1984 and became part of the family in September 1988 on marrying their oldest daughter, Nicola. (Well actually she was pretty young at the time, only 19!)

So here are ten things I can say about them after these years:
  1. They love Jesus with a passion.
  2. They love their kids - even if Jonathan is a challenge. lol Only Joking!
  3. Their greatest success is bringing up three kids that all passionately love Jesus.
  4. They adore their grand kids. (Lost count of the number of times Abbie was leaving home to live with them)
  5. They may have grown to like their first son in law after a rocky start:)
  6. They serve God in so many ways without ever wanting to be noticed.
  7. They have always had an open home, welcoming all and helping many without any fuss.
  8. They are fun to go on holiday with, many happy memories in Florida. (Except the time we nearly drowned Vic)
  9. I'm sure Vic has some Scottish blood in him as he loves a bargain
  10. Whilst Viv reminds me of my mum as she likes the more expensive things in life:)
P.S. Just one more they gave me the most amazing lady who I have the honour to call my wife.

Have a great celebration.


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