Thursday, August 06, 2015

Defective Leaders

Reflections on Mark Driscoll and the Church from Desiring God on Vimeo.

John Piper hits it out of the park with a truly Jesus view on the problems faced when Christian's and christian leaders fail. In this video he is answering a specific question retaliated to people walking away from church because of the failures of well know leaders Mark Driscoll from Mars Hill, Seattle.

  • There is no church that I like everything about..including my own.
  • It (Mark Driscoll) is not a unique situation, in history or in our day, Christians are failing, lay people and pastors everyday and bringing reproach on the gospel.
  • Who has not let Jesus down.
  • Historically God has been willing to use people to speak Gospel truth who have motives that are defective.
  • Gos is unbelievably merciful to use you and I to speak Gospel truth with our defects.
  • You have to have a category for gospel faithfulness in defective containers.
  • Don't throw the baby of truth out with the bathwater of sin.
  • To walk away from Jesus because Jesus representatives are failures is to make an absurd choice, Jesus is our only hope.
  • Jesus is the one person in the universe who has no defects, he has no failures.
  • As I look over history God must be the kind of general who looks over his army that willing accepts tactical defeats for strategic victories.
  • The general is not out of control!
  • If you walk away from the church you are walking away from church.
  • To say that I love Jesus and not submit to his word is a lie. Jesus founded the church I didn't
  • The choice of Jesus over the church implies a choice of your opinion over the Bible...because the Jesus of the Bible is the Jesus of the church.
Very wise words from Rev Piper!


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