Wednesday, August 05, 2015

7 years later

So there I am minding my own business at my in laws Golden Anniversary party and this lady comes up to speak to who I've never seen before. A slight challenge for an introvert like me:)

This was further heightened when she said let me tell you about our interaction 7 years ago.

She said, "7 years ago I was struggling spiritually. I had been brought up a catholic and was full of guilt and fear. For some reason that even I can't explain I ended up attending a service at Milton Keynes Christian Centre. I was fearful and felt all alone knowing no one. I had never been there before so sat nervously alone wishing I'd never come."

Not knowing about this lady at the start of the service, hearing what I thought was a whisper from God I decided nervously to share something with the congregation. It wasn't the most earth shattering thought and I almost dismissed it.

I can't remember the actual words but it was something like, There is a lady here today for the first time. She doesn't even really know how she has ended up here today. She knows no one and feels all alone. But God wants to say to her even though no one here knows her name that, He knows her name. He knew she would be here and he loved her.

That was it. No thunder and lightening, in fact to my knowledge there was no response and it helped no one.

But now 7 years later I find out that actually I did hear the whisper of God and through simple obedience with no fanfare, God's Word found its home in a moment of need.

Just a small reminder to me and us all that listening and acting on the whisper of God can change lives. And maybe just maybe God arranged for us to meet just to give me the encouragement I needed.


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