Tuesday, August 06, 2013


Revere is:

A 7 piece London based band.
A  Jersey Hotel.
An Estate Agency.
A US City.

But it is also how we should approach God's Word.

Whoever despises the word brings destruction on himself, but he who REVERES the commandment will be rewarded. - Prov 13:13

The word is defined as:

To regard with respect tinged with awe.

And comes from the Latin - reverērī, to stand in awe of, fear, feel reverence.

Sometimes I ignore it by leaving it on a shelf or as an unopened tab at the top of my browser. Sometimes I ignore it by reading its words and doing the opposite. Sometimes I read it in desperation just to find a verse that will help me out of a hole. Sometimes I read it to arm me to prove a point. Sometimes I read it so I can beat another person up with it. Sometimes I read it just so I can preach a sermon. Sometimes I read it just to check the performance box. All of these and more the Bible describes as DESPISING God's Word.

To open its pages with trembling hands is our deep privilege. Our heart beating with a mixture of excitement and a tinge of awe as we allow our eyes to settle on the very words of God we discover exactly who he is.



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