Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Leaders Who Last

A few weeks ago we had the great privilage of hosting Dave Kraft one of the Elders at Mars Hill Church at MKCC. Dave spent a day sharing with leaders on how they can finish well.

Here are some of his observations of his time here:

  • The very diverse ethnic make up of MKCC. Lots of people from Africa and other European countries are part of their fellowship. 
  • The strong vision MKCC has to impact, and make a difference in their community and the surrounding region with the Gospel 
  • The commitment the leadership team is making to invest in the next generation of leaders. 
  • The number of very young leaders that MKCC is currently training. I met some at the seminar as young as 14! 
  • The vibrant worship on Sunday at MKCC. They were completely engaged and enthusiastic.
And a short video of his trip:

England_June2013_LFTH from Dave Kraft on Vimeo.


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