Monday, October 08, 2012

No Blocked Out Tables

The master said, 'Then go to the country roads. Whoever you find, drag them in. I want my house full! - Luke 14:23

On a trip to London today I was killing time in a restaurant before I went to an appointment. We were just having a drink but it was lunch time and the restaurant was very busy. All the seats were full apart from a table set for a party of 4.

In the 20 minutes sitting there at least 4 couples came in to have lunch. They were asked to wait for a table to come free. They pointed out the free table for 4 people but were informed that it was not available as it was being held in case a party of 4 came in.

In turn each of the couples then walked out with a very disgusted look on their face taking there business elsewhere possibly for good. Eventually yet another couple came in and this time for no reason whatsoever the gave this prized table to them.

I wanted to tell them that if they had just given the first couple the table, they may have lost the others for the day but for sure they would have come back. They would have returned to sample what made this restaurant so popular with EVERY table full instead of being disgruntled because they were barred from the one free table.

So whilst watching this fail of customer service the Holy Spirit whispered to be that there are NO reserved or blocked out tables at his party. He has an open invitation. If there is a free seat you have it and if the table is full he will just pull up another chair. He wants a FULL house! There is always room for one more.


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