Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Faithful or Famous?

Epaphras. He is one reliable worker for Christ! I could always depend on him. He's the one who told us how thoroughly love had been worked into your lives by the Spirit - Col 1:5 

So many people pursue fame with a passion.
Some even do crazy things to be noticed.
Even being famous for infamy is acceptable.

The church is not immune from this temptation.

We want to teach on the platform but only read the Bible so we can preach.
Fame over faithfulness.

We pray eloquent prayers in the corporate gathering but seldom hit our knees in private.
Fame over faithfulness.

We want to pick up our guitar on stage in front of hundreds of people but won't pick up litter in a deserted car park on the way to the stage.
Fame over faithfulness.

As leaders we do our best to be known or recognised by the latest "celebratory" preacher or author but are too busy or important to visit that church member in hospital.
Fame over faithfulness.

When we meet other leaders we are more intent it telling them all the positive things that are taking place in our church rather that showing vulnerability and humility in sharing where we are struggling.
Fame over faithfulness.

Epaphras is not a well-known figure in Bible history. But, he was faithful to the Lord.

There is only one that is due fame and glory in our lives - Jesus!


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