Monday, May 24, 2010


I subscribe to probably what is too many blogs through Google Reader. Sometimes it feels like information overload. Often I rush past things without reading too deeply. Then on occasions like today you read something that just stops you in your tracks, brings a tear to they eye and forces you to your knees.

If you have stopped by here before you have probably seen some reference to Zac Smith. Zac went to be with Jesus a week ago last Sunday. A week on Mandy his wife published a post that Zac had written but had left unpublished on his blog.

She called them ZAXIOMS. They are simple yet so profound.

  • Leave everyone better than when I found them
  • Say “Yes” always
  • Learn something from everyone I meet
  • Listen to the questions people are asking of you — repetitive ones may be telling
  • Balance the past and the future as in a satiated hunger
  • Anticipate and dream: try to stay out of the belly of the whale
  • Stay in the frustration as long as possible — refining fire (So opposite of what I do!!!!)
  • Pick the harder path
AMAZING! Thank you Zac! Thank you Mandy!


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