Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Does this look like rescue?

Moses shoots back to God in utter frustration. Does this look like rescue? - Ex 5 v 23. He just didn't understand what was happening. God took the time and trouble to speak audibly to Moses, giving him a huge a specific mission. He confirmed it over and over & specifically promised that he would be with him.

The reluctant messenger hadn't had a bad dream or just dreamed up this Maison out of thin air. He was chosen specifically and pursued by God.

So you'd think that it would all be plain sailing. Moses would turn up, share the word of God and Pharaoh would relent. It really is the only scenario isn't it.

Well in this occasion things didn't get better they got worse. Moses came to bring people hope and what happened was more despair.

Sometimes like Moses I just don't understand God, why does he allow these detours or maybe even cause them? (He had warned Moses that He would harden Pharaohs heart).
I don't know but what I do know is Moses goes to the right place to make sense of it all. He goes to God. And asks him straight out!

Now we know the end of this story. Moses leads God's people to freedom. But at this moment Moses is a million miles from that. Everything has crashed down around him. But he remembers who controls the story end.

Whatever you are facing today remember Jesus knows the end of your story and it is glorious!


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