Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gordon leaves the second most important job in Britain

Yesterday in a typically understated British way we changed leaders. With very little pomp and ceremony our leader for the last few years left the stage and our youngest Prime Minister for 200 years casually walked into a Terrace House with No 10 on the simple door. As one of my kids said: "Is that it?". No fanfare, no inaugeration, just a simple 20 min talk with our Queen and its done.

I'm probably in the minority but I believe that Gordon Brown has been a good servant to the British people in his role as Chancellor for 10 years or so. Then he seemed to be hit with a tsunami of trouble from the day he got his coveted Job. Yes he made mistakes but on most of the key decisions and events I really don't think that his detractors throwing stones would have done much different.

Any way this is not meant to be political, It was the end of Gordon's resignation speech that caught my ear.

He said he was leaving the second most important job to concentrate on the MOST important that of a husband and a father.

No matter what your politics you have got to say yes to that wisdom.


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