Monday, October 26, 2009

Leader, stop dragging your feet and get out of the way.

Someone once said the pace of the leader determines the pace of the pack. Sometimes leaders slow things down. Fear & insecurity can mean they are slow to act.

Reading in 2 Chronicles 24 today I saw this clearly. The leaders were slowing the vision down.

Joash wanted to renovate the Temple of God so asked his spiritual leaders to raise the money from the people to enable the task to be completed. But v 6 says, "But the Levites dragged their feet and didn’t do anything."

I am sure there are all sorts of reasons:

  • What if the people didn't want to give?
  • The people paid their wages so they didn't want to upset them.
  • If the building project started it may put the squeeze on their remuneration.
  • Maybe they didn't want to give.
But what is so beautiful about this story is that the people were ready to give to the vision. All they needed was to be given the opportunity and they gave so much they completed the vision and had much more beside.

Leader maybe its time to get out of the way stop being a bottleneck and let God's people step up.


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