Tuesday, October 06, 2009

God's vision will outlast yours so get with the plot

Vision is a word that is said many times.

Covey suggests that we have a vision for our lives, "begin with the end in mind". Company's hang their vision statements on their wall and print mouse mats with the important words for all to see.

Of course churches have vision or should have. But God's vision is much larger than ours. Maybe I'm just getting older (although I don't class 6 as old) but making sure we prepare and pass on to the next generation is becoming more important to me.

In 1 Chronicles 22 v 5 we read that David collected vast amounts of building material, wealth and man power to enable the temple to be completed by his son.

He realised that he wasn't going to see the fulfilment of all his dreams but he was going to do everything he could to ensure the next generation had all it needed.

He could have become bitter and twisted but God's vision was more important that his part in. He became a champion of the next generation not a critic.

God needs fathers who will be more committed to His vision than their own.


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