Monday, May 04, 2009

Sermons have become Christian entertainment?

I read this quote over a Chris & Dana's Blog which made me think allot and talk to God.

"We’ve conditioned ourselves to hear messages without responding. Sermons have become Christian entertainment.”

Most of us use ‘I’m waiting for God to reveal His calling on my life’ as a means of avoiding action. Did you hear God calling you to sit in front of the television yesterday? Or to go on your last vacation? Or exercise this morning? Probably not, but you still did it. The point isn’t that vacation or exercise are wrong, but that we are quick to rationalize our entertainment and priorities yet are slow to commit to serving God." -Francis Chan, Crazy Love

As a preacher I study, prepare, pray, practice and deliver a message with passion. My purpose? To see life change. Not that anything in me can cause change in people but to somehow connect them to a God who is in the business of life change.

My iTunes library is full of incredible podcasts from brilliant communicators of God's word from around the globe and somehow I am dissatisfied with change in my own life.

God suggested something simple to me today as I asked him the question.

Try listening to me as much as you listen to men. They point you your heart towards me but its my words that transform you.


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