Monday, May 18, 2009

God is a God of the little moments

"You and I don’t do many significant things in our lives. We only make 3-4 major decisions. Most of us will not be written up in history books. Sorry, it’s true. For most of us, several decades after we die, the people we leave behind will struggle to remember the events of our lives. You live in the utterly mundane. You live in little moments. And if God doesn’t rule your little moments He doesn’t rule you because that is where you live. I think one of the big problems we make in our marriages is when we name little moments as “little moments” and say they are not important. If the character of a life is not set by four or five big moments but is set by 10,000 little moments, every little moment of your life is important. That’s where your life is formed and that’s where your relationships are built and formed. We cannot back away from the little moments because that happens to be where we live. And our God is a God of the little moments. He enters those little moments with his truth and wisdom and grace.” - Paul David Tripp (Via Deadly Viper)


Sue said...

how very true that is - and very worth while remembering. Making every moment count and living it with our eyes fixed in the right place (on Jesus of course) has to be the key. Will we get it wrong sometimes - of course we will - but not living in the failure is the answer.

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