Thursday, May 21, 2009

No more manna

If you had known God's provision for decades, every day, then it suddenly stopped. What would you think?

God, don't you love me any more?
Are you mad at me?
What have I done wrong?

This is what God's people Israel faced. After living with His food provision each day of Manna we read that when they left the wilderness and entered into the promise land the manna stopped. Now they had to work for their food. (Joshua 5 v 12) I am sure that all these things went through their minds.

But they had missed the point. It was never God's plan for them to live on a miraculous spiritual handout day in and day out His plan was to bring them into an incredible life with God at the centre.

Yes that life involved battles, victories and yes even defeats, disappointnent, joy, sadness, times when God's voice is clear and times when he is silent.

God is far more than a sugar daddy who produces blessings from nowhere on demand, So when the manna stops don't get mad just keep following the father who loves you so much.


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