Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Prodigals and head colds

Took the day off yesterday after a difficult Sunday. Preached 3 times with a stinking head cold. After 3 services on a Sunday I usually beat but this Sunday was made much more difficult by my cold.

My body was present but my mind was in the clouds drugged up with lemsip. Thank God I got through it.

We are going through a series called Family Matters and I looked at reaching out to prodigals. Jesus story about the lost son has always held a special place in my heart. It has always been wonderful to understand that we are still welcome by God even though we mess it up royally.

Lately I have started to see things a little more from the fathers perspective. Yancey in his book What is so amazing about Grace? talks about God as a love sick father. Having children that are now growing up fast and becoming more and more independent helps me to understand a little more how the father feels. These children growing up and starting to make more and more of their own choices have the power to make decisions that could blow their lives apart.

As a father you have made many mistakes (unlike God) but you have done your best to help your children. But there comes a time when you can not force them to do anything you can only influence.

A few words of advice from Jesus story about the lost son.that I must remember:

1. Pray - First and always.
2. Have unending patience.
3. Love unconditionally.


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