Monday, June 25, 2007

Poor Dolly

Steve spoke this Sunday in our latest series "Family Matters". His subject "Pulling Together or Pulled Apart". Looking at how we deal with conflict in our lives and our families.

He started with the story in Kings where Solomon was confronted with 2 mothers one of whose baby had died and she had swapped it with the other baby. They were in front of the king arguing about whose baby it was Solomon came up with an unusual solution. He would cut the baby in half and give half to each mother. This quickly showed who the real mother was as she would rather give up her child than see it die.

To illustrate the point Steve showed everyone a brand new cute doll that he had bought. He asked who would like it and then proceeded to share the doll out by cutting it in pieces and throwing it to the people concerned. It was just a doll but his actions drew gasps from the congregation.

So often we get so invested in things and opinions that we loose relationships because of how we are. How we choose to deal with conflict is so important. It is 100% certain that we will have disagreements with people even people that are close to us. We must always ensure that the person and their importance to us remain in focus.


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