Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Frenzy 07

After returning from Italy I caught another easyjet flight up to Edinburgh on Saturday. Went up to visit a great christian festival - Frenzy. It was an incredible day of wall to wall music. Rpm, All Star United, Starfield, Leyland, Blush, Casting Crowns, Andy Hunter, Chris Tomlin & Newsboys. Music overload.

Over 5000 people from all over Scotland celebrated Jesus. It was fantastic to be there. It was great to meet the organiser, Justin and his colleague Tim. They have become long distance friends over the last few years as we all go though the ups and downs of promoting concerts.

So many people see this as quite glamorous and a way to make some easy money. I can assure you the opposite is true. Its a hard slog and finances are always tight. Everyone leaves a gig being paid, bands, security, production etc. but it is always the promoter left holding the bag. The lead up is stressful as you wait for ticket sales.

Looks like we are both up for it again next year though. The Ultimate Event at Alton Towers is on Saturday 10th May and Frenzy is on Saturday 7th June.

Help us reduce our stress plan to be there and tell your friends!

Check out a video post on you tube below.


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